About us

We are a media outlet based in Oslo, Norway. We stream every day 24/7 online.

Our goal is to reach all the countries of the world to be able to inform about our various programs that we have on the air. We also have a television channel that also broadcasts 24/7 audiovisually every day with our radio.

We also have other platforms where you can find our channel like on smartphones and computers anywhere in the world. Among them are: Tunein, winamp and our application for Android and iOS.


Every day we inform our users and readers with updated news in three different languages, Spanish, English and Norwegian. We are the only media in Norway that have this news service. Among other things we also have variable themes to watch and entertain.


The brand inthemixstyle was registered with the public entity brønnøysund in Norway in 2011. It started as a company for music and DJs to become a medium and communication over time. Inthemixstyle begins its transmissions since 2016 with advertisers and an official studio in the country. Since then it has grown strongly over the years. In 2018 we have 7 speakers, with 6 varied programs. Inthemixstyle has a record of 270,549 views worldwide in our official stats on revolvermaps (latest stats in 2019).


Inthemixstyle is registered and licensed under the rights and protection of Tone and Gram in Norway. Our radio also has local artists who participate in activities such as interviews in our projects.

Officially, the general public can communicate through our email or phone published on our social networks as well as on our website. Email: info@inthemixstyle.com, Telephone: +47 98 84 82 01.

For more information, you can contact the board: Ariel Leficura, email: info@inthemixstyle.com or contact our manager Karina Svendsen at: karinaa.svendsen@gmail.com

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